Jokes: broken

Broken Cage

What did the bird say after his cage broke? "Cheap, cheap!"

Yo Daddy Is So Bald

Yo daddy is so bald, when he wears a turtleneck he looks like a broken condom.

Clever !!

A very tight man was looking for a gift for a girlfriend. Everything was too expensive, ex...

The Blonde's Roadside Emergency

A blonde's car had broken down. A cop pulled up and asked her what the group of naked men ...

Helen Keller's Broken Arm

How did Helen Keller break her arms? Trying to read road signs at forty M.P.H.

Tardy Blonde

Q: Why was the blonde late for work? A: She was stranded on the broken escalator....

My Blonde Is Broken

How do you break a blonde's nose? Place a dildo under a glass table!

Is The Seal Broken?

A mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting away the groc...

Bald And Penis-like

You are so bald, that when you wear a turtleneck, you look like a broken condom.


"Get this." said the English bloke to his mates, "Last night while I was down the pub with...