Jokes: bread

If _____ Made Toasters

If Oracle made toasters... They'd claim their toaster was compatible with all brands and s...

Rye Bread

Two older men are sitting on a park bench talking and one of them asks the other about his... Antenna

Y'might be a redneck if yer TV antenna is a bread tie.

Blondes And Butter

Q: What do blondes have in common with butter? A: They both spread for bread.

How Did You Know?

A Woman in a store buys milk and bread. Man at counter: ???Bet your???e single???. Woman: ...

Yo Mama's So Poor... Park

Yo mama is so poor, when she goes to the park, ducks throw bread at her.

Difference Between Penis And Bread

Dad: Son what is the difference a penis and a loaf of bread? Son: I don't know. Dad: Then ...

Donut And Loaf Of Bread

What did the donut say to the loaf of bread? If I had that much dough, I wouldn't be hangi...

Not Enough Bread

An old Jewish man went to a diner every day for lunch. He always ordered the soup du jour....

Pickled Bread

Q. What's another name for pickled bread?A. Dill-dough!

Bottom 50 Celebrity Sandwiches

The Keith Richards: Smoked lungfish on a toasted English muffin The Howard Stern: 1 cockta...

Weird Text

A Jewish man took his Passover lunch to eat outside in the park. He sat down on a bench a...