Jokes: ankles

Shut Up

If my pants aren't at my ankles, don't open your mouth!

Clinton's Boxers

Why does Bill Clinton wear boxers? To keep his ankles warm!

Clinton On Halloween

A little boy wanted to be Bill Clinton for Halloween, but he couldn't get door-to-door wit...

Yo Mama's So Fat... Double

Yo' mama so fat, she has double chins all the way to her ankles!

Gary Condit's Pants

Q: Why does Congressman Gary Condit wear pants? A: To keep his ankles warm!

Perfumed Blonde

Why does a blonde put perfume on her ankles? Because it ends up behind her ears anyway!...


Q: How can you tell if a woman is wearing pantyhose? A: Her ankles swell up when she farts...

Blonde Panties

Why do blondes wear woolen panties? To keep their ankles warm.